The Publisher Sessions

Core Vitals of Content Discovery

07/07/2021 – 11am UTC+3 – Online

Core Vitals of Content Discovery

Our next event in “The Publisher Sessions will bring together a diverse panel of distinguished industry experts for in-depth discussions about how the Core Web Vitals update will change publishing and what publishers can do to adapt.

Attendees will gain powerful insights on Content Discovery, helping them maximize organic recirculation, user engagement and advertising revenue – all whilst protecting and enhancing their content brand’s standing.

@11am UTC+3

Event Schedule

The Publisher Sessions is live online, so you can learn from distinguished international speakers and our esteemed publishing partners from any location.

Constantine Kamaras
Project Lead /Best Practices at OPA Europe

Welcome note & introductory comments

Constantine Kamaras will be joining us for the second time as our event moderator. He will help us navigate the discussion on key issues and challenges currently on every Publisher’s radar.
Alex Karageorgis
CEO at Project Agora

The future of publishing 2021 & beyond

Alex Karageorgis will be walking us through all the latest Project Agora updates and how we have been supporting our Publisher partners, including a sneak peak on some major new offerings Project Agora is preparing for the rest of this year.
Seraphina Davey
Director Publisher Account Management EMEA

Omri Ariav
Product Manager

Core Web Vitals: A Guide for Publishers

Page performance has always been key to good user experience. Last year, Google announced its Web Vitals initiative to “provide unified guidance for quality signals” that impact this experience. Core Web Vitals are part of this plan and will roll out in August 2021. They apply to all web pages and are currently focused on 3 aspects of User Experience — loading, interactivity and visual stability.
In this session, Seraphina and Omri will outline how they are supporting publishers in preparation for Google’s new update and discuss the following topics:
A deep dive in the different metrics
Their proactive approach and optimization roadmap
The biggest changes for Publishers, including effect on ad units, UX vs UI, Lazy Loading etc.
Germán Frassa
f.Head of Digital Product & Audience Development at Unidad Editorial

Content Discovery as a key pillar of Publishers’ strategies

Join Germán Frassa in a fireside chat with Constantine Kamaras.  Germán will bring his valuable experience from the leading Spanish Publishing group Unidad Editorial, the publisher of general interest title El Mundo, sports title Marca and financial title Expansión, among other premium content editorial brands.
Marilena Manatou
Customer Success Director at Project Agora

Publishers discuss Core Web Vitals with Marilena Manatou

A panel of top local Publishers from Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East on recent trends and developments, discussing with Marilena Manatou how they’ve been responding to current industry changes and what the future holds for them.

Featured on the panel:

Nikos Komninos
Managing Director at Project Agora

Fight algo with algo

There is a war of algorithms raging in our industry. Publishers will need their own algos in order to protect and expand their position. Nikos Komninos will wrap up this Publisher Sessions addressing the role of technology in defining our futures.