Project Agora Bidder Adapter

Sell your Traffic Inventory

Grow Revenue & Increase the Value of your Visitors.

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Trusted by more than 2,700 websites across Europe, America and the Middle East & Africa

Grow eCPM & Maximize Website Monetization

Seamlessly Integrate our Bidder Adapter and enhance your bid density across your Ad Server.

Gain an entirely new demand source competing in your Ad Server auction for each impression served, thus pushing CPMs higher.

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The Benefits of adding Bidder Adapter to your Prebid.js header bidding

15+ Supply-Side Platforms

Access to more than 15 SSPs to enhance bid density in your Ad Server, increasing eCPMs & revenue.

Higher Bid Density

Bid density increase enhances competition among bidders for your inventory, driving higher RPMs.

New Demand Sources Added

The list of SSPs we work with is frequently updated with new Demand Sources, further enhancing the bid density and growing the unique demand of our solutions.

Unique Demand

Gain access to unique demand from international deals with Advertisers across Project Agora inventory, and benefit from pre-negotiated preferential terms from our SSPs.

Premium Demand

Integrating PA Bidder into your Header Bidding stack will give you access to unique local and international premium demand coming from Project Agora Marketplace.

Yield Optimization

Our team of Yield Optimization Experts maximize the value of every impression by selecting the optimum combination of these Demand Sources, tailor-made per Ad Unit, device, geolocation…

Minimal action required to start

Minimum actions are required from your side after the onboarding of Bidder Adapter.

Easy Integration & Onboarding

Our Support Team will take care of it all – The Bidder Adapter management, the setup and configuration of the demand sources, as well as all the appropriate health checks.

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No Maintenance Effort Required

Become future-proof as Project Agora will automatically update the offering with the latest releases and features without any effort from your side.

This includes all actions that are required to be done after the onboarding process (e.g. blockings, invoicing from our SSPs, updates on the existing setup) saving you valuable time.

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Additional Key features

Project Agora® Bidder Adapter has a wide set of additional features to ensure full control & good performance.

Real-Time Net Bidding

Bids in real-time the exact amount you will make from each auction.

Control your Advertising Stack

Follows your header bidding configuration and complies with its settings (e.g., auction timeout, floor price set).

Performance Monitor

You can check the Bidder Adapter Performance through our simple and user-friendly dashboards in Partners Center.

Marginal latency added

Just as a new demand source (SSP) in your header bidding solution, this will not affect content or ads load time.

Core Web Vitals

Bidder Adapter is an additional demand source (SSP) on your header bidding stack – it does not affect Core Web Vitals metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the most common questions and answers we get regarding Bidder Adapter.

Why isn’t Project Agora Bidder Adapter on

Bidder Adapter technology has been built using the Appnexus Server-Side technology. That’s why the first step of the implementation is to include Appnexus as a bidder adapter in the prebid library.

Therefore, Project Agora Bidder Adapter is not necessary to be directly listed on

Does Bidder Adapter affect the sites or ads loading time and viewability?

The delay added is the same as adding a new demand source (bidder) in your header bidding solution, which does not mainly affect the page content load time or the ads load time.

More specifically, the latency added when adding a bidder is marginal (on average 50-100 ms).

Due to the low latency tax added, viewability is also not affected.

Am I able to exclude any of the SSPs that are integrated in Bidder Adapter?

Even if you are having SSPs overlapping with the ones we utilize for Bidder Adapter there is no need to exclude any of them. The total overhead added by our bidder is minimal (50-100ms) and is not affected by the number of SSPs connected on our side.

Additionally, due to our volumes and our global presence, we are able to get better terms than the average publisher and also negotiate deals with advertisers across our inventory. Thus, even if the Demand Sources are the same, the demand is not. Also, Bidder Adapter’s bidding is “Net”, which means that it bids in real time the exact amount publishers will make from each auction.

At the same time, our team of Yield Optimization Experts maximizes the value of every impression by selecting the optimum combination of these Demand Sources, tailor-made per Ad Unit, device, geolocation, etc. In case the performance of the overlapping Demand Sources is poor, our team will identify it and remove them.

Lastly, you are able to exclude/block specific ads from appearing on your pages (by entering a top-level domain) via our Partner Center.

Should we update the configuration in every new build of prebid version?

No additional changes are needed every time you build a new prebid version. More specifically, you only need to ensure that:

  •  Appnexus bidder is included in the prebid library
  •  The code added in the site’s header bidding configuration with regards to Bidder Adapter has not been affected