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Trusted by the most premium brands & agencies across Europe, Middle East & Africa

Media Solutions for

Brands & Advertisers

Drive Business Results Across the Funnel, from Awareness to Conversion.

  • Grow your brand by impacting the full customer journey across the Open Web
  • Access consumers directly, at scale, supported by sharp targeting options and creative formats.
  • Advertise to consumers across multiple touchpoints, getting in front of the right consumers at key moments

Strong Partnerships

Partnerships with top global digital companies, including Taboola & Xandr.

Your Ads on the Open Web

Reach consumers in the online environment where they spend most of their time and they trust the most.

Most Premium Publishers

Access the very best local publishers across EMEA.

Unique Ad-Experiences

We offer unique creative & engaging advertising experiences.

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Daily Active Users Global Reach

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Global Digital Properties

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Premium Websites across EMEA

Media Solutions driving Business Results

Impactful Ad-Experiences

Make your campaign stand out, with our unique creative ad formats to drive results across the entire customer journey.

Grow top of mind awareness

Reach the right audience at the beginning of the customer journey.
  • InArticle Video & InArticle Light
  • InFeed Video
  • VertiGo & VertiGo Light

Score high on Brand Engagement KPIs

With engagement 3-4 times above market average.
  • Social Cards
  • Magic Story
  • StoryBoard
  • CUBE

Connect with consumers in the 'moment of next'

Through our exclusive partnership with Taboola, we offer a unique set of multipurpose native ad-experiences that are placed in a very important step of the consumer journey, 'the moment of next', that is the moment when consumers have finished reading an article and are ready to take their next action.

Using this preferential placement along with advanced targeting and personalization capabilities we provide compelling sponsored content that maximizes conversions.

Why Partner with us?

Global & Local Reach

Reach over 500M Daily Active Users globally

Brand Safety

Your ads appear within guaranteed
brand-safe sites

Premium Inventory

Access exclusive premium inventory

Expand Your Campaigns

Increase your campaign reach
on the Open Web

Impactful Creativity

Engaging, attention-grabbing ad formats

Guaranteed KPIs

Guaranteed KPIs with our full funnel
ad solutions

Best of Both Worlds

We provide the reach your campaign needs, without compromising safety.

0 %

of top 100 brands are exposed to non-safe ad environments

0 %

of Desktop Display impressions appear on risky pages served next to violent content

Self-Served & White-Glove

Managed Services  

We offer multiple options – working with advertisers directly or through their agencies, depending on their preference.

-Self-Served: Use your own DSP or the self-served Taboola native advertising platform.

-White-Glove Managed Service: Make the most of our Advertiser Success team’s expertise to optimize your campaigns. Use any 3rd party measurement platform to track results.

Flexible Targeting Solutions

Use our Advanced Targeting Options, Bring Your Own or Use 3rd Party Enabled Targeting Options

Our Advanced technology-enabled targeting options can be used on their own or as an extra layer on top of any other psychographic targeting: Connection type – Geo/IP Targeting – Retargeting – Operational System & Device Targeting. 

If you are using a DSP to access Project Agora, you can also leverage your own customer data to create lookalike modelling. Or select from hundreds of targetable audiences available from 3rd party platforms.